Patented Filter Assemblies make Engine Inspection Quick & Easy!
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4″ Hi-Flow Oil Filter Assembly

4″ Hi-Flow See Through Filter Assembly with #12 Ports and 60 Micron Element, for running 50 weight or lighter oil. Recommended for Big and Small Blocks where the user does not want to run a disposable filter. Filter works where space is limited and being light weight is ideal.
  • Part Number: 410-60 & 410-60-B
  • Smallest Particles Filtered: 60 Microns
  • Bypass Relief Valve: Yes
  • Inlet & Outlet Fitting: #12 O-Ring Boss – 1 1/16” – 12 TPI
  • Operating Temp: max 220 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Operating Pressure: max 150 PSI
  • Height: 3.00 in.
  • Width: 5.00 in.
  • Length: 6.00 in.
  • Filter Weight: 3.50 pounds
  • Sold as Kit including; Filter Assembly,
    60 Micron Element, and Bracket Kit
    (**WARNING Filter Nuts and Bracket bolts are shipped
    un-tightened they need to be tighten before filter is used.**)
  • Recommended: Extra Filter Element Part # 435-60
  • Suggested Replacement Parts:
    ~Window Part # 412-480
    ~O-Ring Kit Part # 425
    ~Filter Stud Kit (set of 2) Part # 135
    ~Air Fitting Part # 148
    ~Oil Pressure Port Fitting Part # 169
    ~Block Adapters also available
  • Filters are Clear or Black Anodized for Protection and Durability.

Part# 410-60
4″ Hi-Flow See Through Filter Assembly
#12 ports and 60 micron element
Price $504.95

Part# 410-60-B
4″ Hi-Flow Black Out See Through Filter Assembly
#12 ports and 60 micron element
Price $524.95

P#410-60 & P#410-115 - 4in Hi-Flow #12 Port Filter Detailed BottomView
See Through Oil Filters can be used for many applications including Racing, Marine, Automotive, Farm, and for Industrial Hydraulic Systems. These Patented Oil Filter Assemblies allow the user to visually see oil pumping through the filter, which helps to determine the condition of the oil. When oil is not being pumped through the filter it can quickly drained using an air chuck for filling tires and compressed air. A hand bicycle pump will also work. Apply a small shot of air to the air fitting on the side of the inlet opening. Oil will empty out of the assembly in seconds exposing the filter element and filtered particles, even when filtering non transparent fluids like dirty oil. The See Through top allows the user to visually inspect particles and contaminants that were filtered out of the system without draining or leaking any fluid, unbolting or loosening any fasteners or fittings and with out any loss of oil. Seeing these filtered particles will help determine if they are from normal use or from bearings and other components excessively wearing in the engine or machinery supplying the Filter Assembly.
  • When using 50 weight or lighter oil a 60 micron element is recommended. When using 60 weight or heavier oil A 115 micron element is recommended.
  • Not recommended for all Aluminum Hemi combinations with external oil pumps.
  • Filters have 2 Inlets and 1 Outlet Opening that are threaded for #12 O-Ring Boss – 1-1/16-12 TPI fittings. The Inlet and Outlet Ports are machined to 5/8” diameter and will flow a #12 line when using #12 O-Ring Boss fittings.