6″ Filter Assembly Replacement Windows

6″ Replacement Windows

6″ Filter Replacement Window. These Windows are 1/2” thick Polycarbonate that fits all 6” Hi-Flow, Dry-Sump and Screw-On See Through Filter Assemblies. The windows are offered with one small difference, the thickness. The poly carbonate sheets that are used come with a tollarance of +/ 0.010. The windows come either 0.475″ thick, 0.480″ thick, or 0.485″ thick. You can determine which window is needed for your filter by looking through the window either towards the center of a 4″ filter or near the inlet ports of a 6″ filter for a number 475, 480, 485, or 490 referencing the window retainer used for the correct thickness of window.
  • Part Number: 104-475 (0.475″ thick)
    Part Number: 105-480 (0.480″ thick)
    Part Number: 106-485 (0.485″ thick)
    Part Number: 107-490 (0.490″ thick)
  • Plastic Material: Polycarbonate
  • Plastic Finish: AR2® coating
  • Plastic Thickness: vary’s between 0.475″ to 0.485”
  • Quantity: Sold Individually
  • Notes: Can only be used with 4” See Through Filter Assemblies
The 6” Replacement Polycarbonate Sight Windows are made of 1/2” thick polycarbonate which also has a thin glass like AR2® (abrasion resistant) coating over both sides of the polycarbonate. This makes the window resistant to scratches, chemicals, solvents, and petroleum oils. These Windows can be cleaned using most all “common brands” of brake clean. The thin glass coating may crack over time because it does not flex or expand with heat at the same rate as the polycarbonate does. Windows should last for years of use but if a crack is visible in the window it should be changed. Sight windows are very easy to change and it is recommended you have a spare and Part #120 O-Ring Kit.

Part# 104-475
Part# 105-480
Part# 106-485
Part# 107-490
6″ Replacement Poly Carbonate Windows
Price $28.95