Early Chevy Block Adapters O-Ring Kit

Replacement O-Ring Kit for Chevy Block Adapter

Chevy Block Adapter Replacement O-Ring Kit consists of three O-Rings for Block Adapter and two O-Rings for Mounting Bolts that are made of Viton® which is chemical and fuel resistant.
  • O-Ring Material: Viton®
  • O-Ring Color: Brown
  • Block Adapter O-Ring Thickness: 1/8”
  • Mounting Bolt O-Ring Thickness: .040”
  • Quantity: Sold as Kit of 5
  • Notes: Can only be used with Part# 200 Chevy Block Adapter. Lightly lube O-Rings when installing.
The Chevy Block Adapters Part #200 uses three O-Rings that seal the adapter against the block and bolts in place of the stock filter adapter. Two O-Rings create a double seal which stops oil from leaking outside the engine. The single inside O-Ring seals the inlet from the outlet opening. All Block Adapter have machined O-Ring grooves to keep O-Rings in place so they don’t blow out or leak. Chevy Block Adapter O-Ring Kits also include the two small O-Rings used around the Mounting Bolts to seal them from leaking. All O-Rings are made of Viton® which is heat, chemical and fuel resistant.

Part# 201
Chevy Block Adapter O-Ring Kit
Price $12.95